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Louise and Charles have been working together for 25 years on design and architecture projects nourished by the desire to improve and embellish everyday life. Their approach combines respect for history and nature with attention to human relations and impact on our environment. 

Charles Poisay is an architect based in Paris. For the past 30 years he has participated in numerous international projects, individually and in association with various architects.


He writes for French and international magazines and has contributed to reference books on art and architecture. He has also organized a number of events and exhibitions in France and abroad on contemporary architecture.


From 2005 to 2015 he was Professor at the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, directing the project workshop “structure/architecture.” His commitment as a teacher continues, and he regularly participates in conferences and workshops in France and abroad.


Atelier CPA has extensive experience covering all urban planning skills, new construction and renovation in the fields of public facilities and housing. The atelier is inspired by a desire to respond to any problems raised, to seek greater architectural value, and to find the best solution in every situation. Usage, compliance with costs and the quality of spaces and details are the objectives in creating a building which will serve its users in the best possible way. CPA projects evolve with the environment in mind and with a steadfast commitment to meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

London-born Louise Brody has worked in the United States, England, Singapore, Italy and France. She has been the art director/designer of high-quality books produced by a variety of leading British, American and French publishers, and has worked for French government agencies or government-supported institutions including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Pompidou Centre and the International Chamber of Commerce. 


She also  produces publications for a variety of private clients. Recent projects have been for the International New York Times, the MET Costume Institute in New York, a horticulturalist in Normandy and a spirulina producer in Spain.


Living and working since 2005 in an atelier in Montparnasse, she spent several years curating and organizing exhibitions in the space. The experience of showing artists’ work in a living space as well as the exchanges with visitors were very rewarding and has inspired in her the desire to spend more time sharing experiences with people and less in front of the computer.

advisory team

Eric Amblard, film-maker and photographer

Boomoon, photographer

Chris Brody, knowledge platform designer and consultant

Regina Giménez and Rafel G. Bianchi, artists

Airyung Kim, art consultant

Carmen Lucini, museographer, heritage curator

Michel Péna, landscape designer

Margit Rowell, historian and art consultant

Pierre Ruffin, spirulina producer and consultant  

SMAO/Sancho-Madridejos, architects 

Patricia Smith Melton, author and photographer

Urko Zapirain Sarasola, architect

architectural project team

Charles Poisay and Urko Zapirain Sarasola, architects

Yoel Peláez, worksite manager

Interdico Home Builder, contractor

photo credits

Guixols Tourism


Mitsuo Okamoto


Louise Brody 

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